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Invest In Humanity. Make a difference.

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“The human race has an immense capacity to grow and thrive under difficult circumstances, to push beyond boundaries and to succeed against tough and seemingly impossible circumstances. Human beings are a superior species with a deep capacity to build and destroy, love and hate, oppress and liberate. Moreover human beings are a volatile species that can be ruled and consumed by the need to survive. When desperation and a need for survival is the sole driver of behavior; humanity tends to have a heightened propensity to harm, destroy and self-destruct” - Mpume Makhubela

Our Challenges

South Africa is a young democracy characterized by a myriad of economic and socio-economic challenges. The correlation between unemployment and poverty persists in South Africa. The results for Q2: 2015 Stats SA Quarterly Labour Force Survey show that at the time, the working-age population was 36,0 million – 15,7 million employed, 5,2 million unemployed and 15,1 million not economically active. Thus resulting in an unemployment rate of 25,0%, absorption rate of 43,5% and labour force participation rate of 58,1%. The formal sector accounted for the largest share of employment at 69,2% while Agriculture accounted for the lowest share (5,6%). Around 16% of the not economically active population was accounted for by the discouraged, while more than 80% were due to other reasons.

The results for Q2: 2015 reflect an increase in the not economically active population and a decrease in the economically active population. The oyment rate among youth is more than twice that of adults each year. As a result of the global recession, the oyment rate among youth rose from 32,1% in 2008 to 35,5% in 2015. The disparity between the skills provided by education and job requirements continues to be a primary cause of unemployment.

Our public institutions are under pressure, owing to the ever-increasing demand for better healthcare, education, safety & security as well as general social service delivery. We live in a society that has not yet recovered from the effects of HIV and aids, the number of households headed up by children is staggering. The number of children and youth who live in abject poverty with almost no prospect for a bright future both in rural and urban environments is frightening. For many, life is about of surviving from one day to the next.

Many young people are driven to a life of begging, prostitution and crime. Sadly many children of South Africa will die having not had access to the simple contentment of the soul brought about by the assurance that they will have food on the table, clean water to drink, shelter to cover them from the elements and an education to feed their minds. We live in a country riddled by inequality and crime, for many, access to bare necessities such as food, shelter, clothing and education is still a rare privilege. We have no hope of turning this around unless we (Civil society) do something drastic. We have no hope for a better future in South Africa unless ‘we/those who have”, provide a platform to economic emancipation for those who do not have. We cannot hope for a prosperous South Africa if we neglect the poor among us –especially children and the youth.

It is for the above reasons that the Huvest Foundation was born. It was born from a deep-seated love for our country and its people. It is born from a desire to give our children and youth a chance to alter their current realities and by extention alter their and our future, -one child and; -one youth at a time. Our society is a tapestry of contradictions, it is a society marked by extremes on every turn – Extreme wealth and poverty, Extreme exposure and deprivation, the Extremely privileged and under privileged. It takes courageous individuals and organisations to confront these paradoxes and to ochestrate a sustainable platform for balance.

The Huvest Foundation is an opportunity for us to leave a legacy, to day leave South Africa better than what we found it. Invest in Humanity, make a difference.

Current Programmes

Huvest is a vehicle through which we create access to a ‘better’, today and tomorrow for children and youth through the projects and programmes that we run in poor communities. Our programmes are designed to sustainably address the needs of identified children and youth holistically i.e. Physical, emotional, financial, spiritual and social needs.

We partner with Government, Social services, Community leaders, School Principals, SAPS and any other relevant stakeholders in our pursuit for making a sustainable difference.

-   Give me a chance
In partnership with schools, we identify poor high school children who head up household as a result of circumstances that led to them being abandoned by their parents or orphaned. This includes children who rely on grand parents or distant relatives for sustenance.

The foundation support these children academically, we contribute towards extra tutorials, exposure or educational support. We further provide for their medical and psychological/councelling needs as well as groceries and basic sustinance based on each individual need.

-   The University Fund
The varsity fund is designed to support and encourage otherwise destitute high school graduates to acquire tertiary qualifications both locally and abroad. It is a fund aimed at making dreams a reality, providing a practical and constructive platform for the poor to achieve economic freedom thereby investing in building a better South Africa.

We provide performance/merit based bursaries to deserving candidates. Our programme supports and provides for hard working and deserving high school graduates who may not be ‘A’ achievers but have achieved results that are good enough for University or University of Technology entry.

-   Juvenile Rehabilitation
This programme seeks to achieve the following objective

      a)Provide for the needs of children who are raised up in prisons

In partnership with the correctional services department we seek to provide hope, love and care for the children who are raised in the SunCity female prison, as a result of their mothers serving a prison sentence.

Governance and Call to action
The Huvest foundation is a registered Section 21 company, registered with the department of social services and comply with the legislative and regulatory requirements of the Country.


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